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Compartilhando meu trabalho nesse video para L'Officiel Hommes

O poema:

There are a couple of things life takes away from you
As it moves, as it changes
I no longer talk about the things I lost…
Perhaps because when I talked about them
I talked to the winds
I told my horses
I sang in my songs
So the words are out there… Flying free, needing me no more.

There are a couple of things life gives you
I want to talk about them, free these words, this time.
After losing almost everything, the things you gain are the ones that cannot be taken away
The green watery life of my home
The animals I’ve come to love
I have seen this animals being quiet and calm,
Strong and majestic
I have seen the kindness in their big black eyes
My music – that washes myself clean every time
And the will to live on
To keep on going, no matter what
For me
For all the things life gave me

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