Le Secret Royal ll


Boa tarde.
Segue abaixo a poesia em sua versão integral da que foi usada no video da campanha Le Secret Royal da Galia  Lahav ;)

It wouldn’t be a regular day. Mysteries feed from Nature, from us, they grow, and they find us, through anybody’s hands.
 This time, though me, with the help of some – apparently – trivial objects.
“You will find me there
In hardened silk
In pearly dream
In Oceania – Do you remember? The stories you dreamt about for days.
The stories in grandma’s voice, by the sound of the waves.”
“Step out of your beautiful shell, dear
The strong woman in you cannot grow there.
But take your own steps.
Where your first steps may lead you? I’m thinking somewhere comforting, and strong, that’s been lasting for ages.
You could think that to be strong and steady you would have to give up delicacy and sensibility. But no, don’t do that. Sound can only emerge from silence, fullness is born from emptiness, and light from darkness, like in the beginning of all, like with black holes and the Universe. Your strength will come from kindness.
Like when you fell from that horse, and you cried some tears of honest and unashamed pain, but you friended the horse, and never felt afraid of him or the fall. – Do you keep him in your heart? His freedom?”
“I know you want a hand to hold
And eyes to shelter you.
But they’re closer than you think.
It’s your eyes and your hands, dear – they’re all you need.
Only through them you can really reach the one you love.
Look around – the wide space you have for your room, your little castle, with the dazzling couch for your throne.
Look again – see the safe and warm place where you keep all the textures that cover your body.
Appreciate them, appreciate your body – it is your only true home while you’re here.”
So it was true what they say, she needed to love herself first. A truth easier said than done.
(cont. the note) “Let go of your lover’s hands for a while.
Trust me.
Go on and read every line in your body and mind.
To do that, it’s simple. Where do you go when you read?
The first books you loved reading by yourselves were the mysteries, the ones with complex cases to solve, the ones full of secrets.”
It all did sound like a secret, suspicious and attractive. The best things do.
“Isn’t the grass always greener on the other side?
Go to the other side. Part of you is already there, for you are Nature.
And Mother Nature calls you in the garden.
Mother has two sides – two faces – the joyful and the harsh. You must go to both, through a long path down to stare at them. Sit and face them both. One can’t live without the other. The two, united, can show you the gift”.
In the end there was a last note, a crystal mirror, and nothing more. They looked at it. They were the treasures, the gold at the end of the rainbow, the women that could hold their lover’s hands not as extensions of their own, but as a gift, one they were not afraid of losing.
“Crystals carry the dna of Earth
You carry stars
Walk like you are always stepping on delicate grass.
Breathe likes winds fly – deep and long.
Touch like a butterfly kiss.
Speak like birds sing.
And love.

Love like rivers flow.”

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