Stan: I loved my madness but it wrecked my car


Stan Rice =]

- Graffiti from "Singing Yet"

In the public toilets of the world
many of my friends find the everlastingly honest poetry
of graffiti, "only true literature
of the average heart." I find that too; but mostly
when I read those walls I read
the shy, sad language of men who are the voyeurs of their
own lives.
And when I see those huge, well-drawn cocks and balls
(how rarely a well-drawn cunt, which of course
is harder to draw) I see
the self-piercing penis of death,
the weapon of a losing war,
the stark ink prick dripping its stylized teardrops of sperm,
and I am made sad,
sad for women,
sad for the men who fear women so fiercely in their hearts
that they must display to the world
of men
the size of their huge loss.

- Twelve from "The Radiance of Pigs"

By the time you are twelve your affections are fixed.
Then come the decades that roll your heart like a cheese
In the sea. Yes, it is surreal.
Then you are twelve again, and old.
And you find the waxed red ball of your heart on the shore.
And you are not surprised by anything now except
That you should love at the end what you loved
At the beginning.
- Madness of Chance

I loved my madness
but it wrecked my car,
and threw me through the windshield,
and the windshield was real,
but I lived,
and my madness pretended to suffer death
but I put my faceback in place, it was changed but still mine,
and the paramedic offered me wine, but I said No,
wine drives me mad, and his white coatburst open with numerous female breasts,
eachsquirting milk, and I said No thanks,
my godyou look soft, butit would be mad to drinkf rom you,
and the breasts changed into penises,
and each penis was mine,
but I only had two hands,f or which I was glad,
so I got out of the ambulance and stood at the roadside with my thumbstuck out,
and a stranger stopped,
stranger than most, so I didn't get in,
and he said What's the matter?
And I said it would be mad to do this,
and then it got dark and it rained,
so I walked into the nearby town,
and had some coffee and cherry pieat the counter,
where the local cops bragged about scaring the shit out of this driver and that,
and I said Officer, I just crawled from a wreck, just look at my shirt (it was stiffwith blood),
and the blond one said, Are you crazy, I'm on my break,
so I threw the hot coffee in his face, and he dropped to his knees and began to beg,
and said, Forgive me, Forgive me,
now I understand,
and I walked outside
and the rain had stopped
and the ribbon of blacktop shined to my right and my left,
and I knew I had outlived madness,
and it made me feel a little sad,
but I got a ride in a Cadillac with a nice old man with silver hair who disliked talk,
so I crawled into the back
and all the way to LA slept the sleep of those no longer mad
- Cannibal
Hide me from me
Fill these holes with eyes for mine are not mine
Hide my head & need
for I am no good so dead in life so much time
Be wing, and shade my me from my desire to be hooked fish
That worm wine looks sweet and makes my me blind
And, too, my heart hide for I shall at this rate it also eat in time

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